Mission, Vision, Core Values & Principles


The mission of the Lenoir Police Department shall be to work in partnership with the community, to anticipate, define, and meet the needs of our city in the areas of public safety, community well-being and law enforcement.


It is the vision of the Lenoir Police Department to continue our pursuit of excellence by providing the highest quality of police services, enhancing public safety, and improving the quality of life for future generations.

Core Values

We as members of the Lenoir Police Department believe in the Core Values of:

  • Mutual Respect of the unique qualities of each individual who contributes to the overall well-being of our department and the community we serve
  • Integrity and Ethical Behavior, serving all people with honesty, compassion, and respect
  • Open Partnership between the police and the community
  • Public Service to be responsive, courteous and effective
  • Professionalism by staying current with new trends and standards in the field of law enforcement

Core Principles

We, as members of the Lenoir Police Department, exercise the Core Principles of:

  • Courage to do what is morally and legally solid, despite fear of criticism, retribution, or physical injury
  • Character to serve first, then lead, in a fair, honest, and ethical manner
  • Accountability in holding ourselves and our colleagues to an unimpeachable standard of professional behavior and service