Fire Alarm Requirements

Fire Alarm Submittal Requirements

The following information must be submitted to and approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office prior to any installation per section 901.2 and 907.1.1 of the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code and future revisions. Additional information may be required prior to the approval of the submitted plans. The requested information is not all-inclusive.

  1. A completed Caldwell County Building Permit Application
  2. A scaled and detailed floor plan with the system designer indicated and the date of design. The plans must be sealed by a North Carolina registered Professional Engineer (PE). The preferable scale is 1/8 inch and the scale must be clearly indicated on the plans. An elevation drawing must be included with plans for high rise buildings.
  3. The locations of all the initiating and notification devices must be clearly indicated along with the candela rating of all strobes.
  4. Details of the ceiling height and construction
  5. The location of the Alarm control, annunciation panel and any trouble signaling equipment
  6. Power connection: Electrical breaker controlling the alarm panel must be equipped with a breaker lock. The breaker shall be identified with red lettering and/or marking in the electrical panel and location of this breaker should be noted inside the fire alarm control panel.
  7. Battery and voltage drop calculations for the entire system, the total number and amperage of the batteries to be utilized must be clearly indicated.
  8. Electrical conductor type and sizes
  9. Manufacturers, model numbers, and listing information for all the equipment, devices, and materials to be installed
  10. The interface of all fire safety control functions
  11. A zone map for the fire alarm system shall be on display before the final acceptance
  12. Plans must be mailed or hand delivered. No fax copies
  13. After acceptance testing has been completed and witnessed by the Fire Marshal or his/her representative, the installing company shall provide the owner/occupant and the Fire Marshal with a completed National Fire Protection Association certificate of compliance form.

Codes Used in the Review

  • Applicable National Fire Protection Association Standards
  • North Carolina State Accessibility Code
  • North Carolina State Building Code
  • North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code