Water & Sewer Service

To sign up for water and sewer services, fill out the Application for Service (PDF) form. 

Renters must submit:

  • Application for Service form
  • copy of their lease
  • copy of a photo ID
  • $65.00 deposit

Homeowners must submit:

  • Application for Service form
  • copy of a photo ID

How to Submit Forms


Renters must pay a $65.00 deposit for service. Homeowners are not required to make a deposit.

The City will hold the deposit until the renter moves out and requests that service be removed from the renter's name. The City will then apply the deposit toward the customer's account. Any balance will be refunded to the customer. If the deposit does not cover the bill, the City will proceed to collect the balance via debt collection.

Renters can pay their deposit online via the City's bill pay site. If renters cannot pay online, they will have to bring payment to City Hall at 801 West Ave. NW, Lenoir, NC 28645.

Payment Options

The city offers several payment options for customers. For questions about billing, call 828-757-2207 or 828-757-2209.

Bank Draft

To sign up for Bank Drafts, complete the bank draft authorization form (PDF), attach a voided check or voided savings withdrawal slip, and return to the front desk staff at City Hall: 801 West Avenue NW, Lenoir, NC 28645 or Fax it to 828-394-1072.

Drop Boxes

The city has two drop boxes for customer convenience.

  1. One drop box is located at the West Avenue side of Lenoir City Hall.
  2. The second drop box is located at the rear of the drive-through window at Hudson Town Hall.

Pay in Person

To pay in person, visit City Hall, 801 West Avenue NW, Monday through Friday
between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. View City Hall on Google Maps

Pay Online

Customers can pay online at no extra fee. Visit the Pay Online page.

Rates & Fees

Visit the Rates & Fees page for information about water and sewer rates.

Late Fees

The City is divided into four cycles and bills each account once a month. Accounts remaining unpaid for 25 days after the bill date are subject to a $10 late fee. Accounts unpaid after 45 days are subject to disconnection. Customers whose accounts are disconnected will have to pay a $25 reconnect fee. Customers must pay any outstanding balance before the City will reconnect service.

Termination of Service

Customers can request their water and sewer service be terminated by completing and submitting the following request form. Customers need to submit a copy of a picture ID along with the form.

Termination Request Form for Water and Sewer Service (PDF)