Yard Waste Collection

The City collects various types of yard waste including grass and shrubbery clippings, tree limbs, and leaves.

Green Yard Waste CartYard Waste Collection

Yard waste is solid waste solely consisting of vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance including leaves, grass, small shrubbery, weeds, and plants clippings.

Yard waste is picked up on the same day as your household garbage.  Please make sure your yard waste container is at least five (5) feet from your household garbage container.

The City will only collect grass, small shrubbery, weeds, and plants clippings that have been placed in one of the City’s green yard waste containers or a comparable container.  Do not bag yard waste.  Do not put sticks, rocks, bricks, or glass in the yard waste containers.

How to purchase a Yard Waste Container

Green, roll-out yard waste containers are available for purchase through City Hall. Call 828-757-2200 for pricing and availability.

Yard Waste ContainerFlat Fee$60.00 + tax

Contractor Debris

The City will not collect refuse resulting from home building or demolition or landscape or building improvements. The responsibility for removal rests with the contracting agency creating the refuse.

If a homeowner or tenant makes landscaping improvements, the City will collect the limbs, trimmings, and shrubbery as long as it meets the above requirements.

Limbs & Trimmings

The City runs a continuous route throughout the City to collect limbs and other trimmings.

Tree limbs and trimmings should not exceed four (4) inches in diameter or six (6) feet in length. The blunt/cut end of limbs should face the same direction toward the street and be placed in a pile. The limb pile should not exceed six (6) feet in length by six (6) feet in depth (width) by five (5) feet in height (6’ x 6’ x 5’). The City will charge a fee for piles larger than 6’ x 6’ x 5’.

Residents should separate leaves from other tree limbs. Do not place limbs or trimmings on the street or sidewalk in a manner that obstructs the travel of people or vehicles.

Brush and Limbs6’ x 6’ x 5’ or lessFree

Greater than 6’ x 6’ x 5’$25.00 per scoop

Leaf Collection

The City of Lenoir offers curbside loose leaf pickup each year between November and January. This service is provided at no additional cost to residents.

Residents should rake leaves into piles behind the curb or ditch line, and remove all bricks, rocks, sticks, or glass. Such items may cause personal injury to employees and damage equipment.

Leaf accumulations at any other time should be put in your green roll out containers (specifically for yard debris) and placed near the front or side street property line to be collected on Wednesdays.

Leaf Collection Map (PDF)

Leaf Collection Map showing the four routes, quadrants in the city Opens in new window