Instructor Mike Logan has taught Taekwon-Do in Lenoir for more than 30 years. Logan’s Taekwon-Do is built on a simple and straight forward idea that being a positive person and a contributing member of our community will result in a stronger and more prosperous community through wealth, kindness, and spiritualism. 

About the Class

The following information is about the taekwondo class:

  • Class is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Mulberry Recreation Center.

About the Instructor

Grand Master (GM) Michael Logan is a 9th Dan black belt with more than 40 years of martial arts experience and is the founder of Logan’s Taekwondo-Do of Lenoir. GM Logan is a retired US Army veteran, a former Deputy Sheriff, and a retired Dept. of Corrections officer. GM Logan served as a senior trainer in the Office of Staff Development Training and was responsible for the defensive tactics program for all correctional officers within the state of North Carolina. GM Logan’s high level of martial arts experience includes but is not limited to Taekwondo (ITF), Hapkido, Balintawak, Bo, Knife, and short Bo. GM Logan is also an experienced fighter in the art of boxing.

For more information about the class, email Mike Logan or call at 828-430-0245.

Mike Logan
Michael Logan teaches Taekwon-Do at Mulberry Recreation Center in Lenoir
A girl and boy in stance during a Taekwon-Do class at Mulberry Recreation Center
Michael Logan teaches stretching during class at Mulberry Recreation Center in Lenoir