The Public Utilities Department is organized into four divisions.

Utilities Maintenance

The Utilities Maintenance division maintains water pump stations and sewer lift stations. Staff performs maintenance on pumps, chemical feeders, mixers, blowers, and other equipment at each of the department's three treatment facilities.

Water Distribution / Wastewater Collection

The Water Distribution / Wastewater Collection division maintains 219 miles of water lines, 209 miles of sewer lines, 1,100 fire hydrants, 11,000 service lines, plus meters and meter boxes. The division installs new services for residential and commercial customers.

Water Treatment

The George L. Bernhardt, Sr. Lake Rhodhiss Water Treatment Plant is a 12 million gallon per day conventional treatment facility. It has a state-certified laboratory, and is manned twenty four hours a day, 365 days per year in order to provide clean potable water for residents in Lenoir and Caldwell County.

The facility was constructed in 1956, expanded in 1974 and 2011, then upgraded in 2019, and has never been cited for exceeding a water quality parameter.

Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater (sewer) Treatment Division operates the city's two wastewater plants - the Lower Creek Facility and the Gunpowder Creek Facility. The two facilities treat about 1.5 BILLION gallons of wastewater every year.