The Public Works Department is organized into five divisions - Building Maintenance, Cemeteries / Downtown Grounds, Sanitation, Streets, and Vehicle Services.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance Division is responsible for all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and general construction repairs and maintenance to the city's 45 public buildings and all non-vehicular mechanical and electrical equipment. The division coordinates downtown infrastructure improvements and assists with festival and event logistics for vendors.

Cemeteries / Downtown Grounds

Cemeteries / Downtown Grounds Division maintains three city cemeteries totaling about 30 acres - Bellview, Blue Ridge, and Fairfield and manages sales of grave plots and markers at the cemeteries. Division staff also maintains public spaces in downtown, picks up litter, tends to downtown landscaping, and works to make Downtown Lenoir a beautiful place.


Sanitation Division provides residential curbside garbage pick up in the city. Staff collects other solid waste such as leaves and offers special pick ups for large items. Sanitation also operates the City recycling center on Pennton Avenue.

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Street Division maintains and cleans city-owned streets and manages paving and repair projects. Streets also maintains the city rights-of-way, sidewalks, and storm drain system, and provides snow removal, installs traffic signs, stripes streets and parking lots, and assists with event set-up. The division also provides brush pick up to the residents of Lenoir.  Streets also is the primary contractor for the construction and maintenance of the Lenoir Greenway System.

Vehicle Services

The Vehicle Services Division maintains the city's more than 500 motor vehicles, "off- road, non-highway use" vehicular equipment, and internal combustion equipment in the city fleet. The division provides fuel for all city vehicles, as well as a number of county fire departments and rescue squads.