Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

The City of Lenoir's Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project will upgrade all the water meters in the city and improve the City's meter reading system. The City will replace all the old water meters with new, highly-accurate meters. These advanced meters will send usage data to City Hall through a wireless network. This technology is known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

About the AMI Project

The City of Lenoir City Council approved the project in February 2019. AMI will improve the City's water system and will help City staff and customers better manage water resources. 

Currently, the City uses a combination of manual-read and drive-by-read water meters. City staff reads the meters once a month. The AMI system will use advanced meters that can send usage data through a wireless network to City Hall. The meters will send data once an hour. A new software system will keep track of usage and averages for each customer. The data sent to City Hall is secure and does not contain a customer's personal information. 

A graphic exampled of a wireless AMI network

Benefits of the Water Meter Upgrade Project

  • Access to your water usage information. After the City installs the new AMI meters, customers have better access to their data. Customers will be able to register for the City’s online water use portal and see water use on a near real-time basis.
  • Reduction of water loss. Customers and staff will be able to identify and repair water leaks faster than before.
  • Save money. Customers will have access to near real-time consumption history. That data will help them better understand and manage water use.
  • Water Alerts. Customers can set-up leak and other usage alerts. If the advanced meter records continuous water flow, customers and staff will receive an alert. This can save money and prevent property damage that often results when leaks run undetected.

Project Timeline

The AMI project officially started in May 2019 and should be complete by February 2021. Below is the project timeline.

Project Setup and ActivationMay 27, 2019July 26, 2019
Systems Integration ManagementJune 10, 2019Sept. 6, 2019
Network InstallationJune 10, 2019Sept. 6, 2019
All Systems Testing and Limited InstallationSept. 9, 2019Nov. 22, 2019
Full DeploymentNov. 25, 2019Nov. 27, 2020
Project CloseoutNov. 30, 2020Feb. 25, 2021


Visit the AMI Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about AMI and the installation process. You also can call our Customer Service Representatives at 828-757-2207 or 828-757-2209.