False Alarm Reduction Program

The False Alarm Registration Reduction program is a voluntary effort to help reduce the number of false alarm calls in the city.

A few common causes for false alarms are pets, defective alarms, and problems with motion sensors. When officers respond to a false alarm, they are pulled away from other duties such as patrol, investigation, or responding to real emergencies.

To help reduce false alarm calls, the Police Department asks residents and businesses that have alarms and are located in the city limits to register their alarms. If a property has three false alarms within six months, an officer is going to contact the property owner to discuss the issue.

The registration form asks about the types of alarms at a property, sirens, motion lights, vehicles, pets, and guns. Those are all questions officers would ask property owners before entering a building that had an active alarm.

To register your alarm,  download, complete, and submit the following form. Each form will need to be notarized before the department can register your alarm. Police Department staff can help notarize the forms.

Alarm Registration Form (PDF)

For more information, call 828-757-2130 or email alarms@cityoflenoir.com .