Political Signs

Political signs are allowed to be placed in the City of Lenoir as long as the placement adheres to City code. Please contact the City of Lenoir Planning Department at 828-610-8442 for questions about these rules.

Allowances for Political Signs By Location

On Private Property

Each sign is limited to 3 sq. ft., with a maximum of 9 sq. ft. of temporary signs per parcel, per road frontage.

Any sign type/copy area otherwise permitted for commercial signage can also be utilized for non-commercial speech (like campaign signs).

No time limit.

Local Street Rights-Of-Way


Generally, placing signs behind telephone poles and/or behind the sidewalk will ensure your signs are located out of the City’s right-of-way.

NCDOT right-of-ways within the City limits

Beginning on the 30th day before the beginning date of "one-stop" early voting and ending the 10th day after the primary or election day, the State allows for campaign signs to be placed within the right-of-way of state highways.

Signs must be placed in accordance with the following:

  • setback at least 3 feet from edge of pavement
  • cannot obscure motorist visibility at intersections
  • maximum height is 42 inches, measured from the elevation at the edge of pavement
  • max size is 864 sq. inches
  • cannot obscure or replace another sign

General Considerations

  • Signs must be in good repair (not dirty, tattered, in danger of falling, or otherwise in poor condition)
  • Signs must be placed with permission of the property owner – adjacent property owners must give permission for signs placed in NCDOT right-of-ways
  • Signs must not block visibility around driveways and/or street intersections.
  • It is unlawful to remove or destroy other candidate’s signs. (Note: If you are the owner of the property, and a sign has been placed without your permission, you can remove it.)
  • Signs placed improperly within the right-of-way may be removed without notice by City enforcement staff.

NCDOT streets within the City limits

  • Blowing Rock Blvd/Hickory Blvd
  • Morganton Blvd/Wilkesboro Blvd
  • Southwest Blvd/Harper Ave/Creekway Drive/N. Main Street (4 lane divided/5 lane dual left center portions)
  • Nuway Circle
  • Zack’s Fork Road
  • Valway Road
  • Wildwood Road
  • Taylorsville Road
  • McClean Drive
  • Hibriten Drive
  • Hibriten Mountain Road
  • Starcross Road
  • Connelly Springs Road
  • Norwood Street (321A – two-way portion)
  • Walt Arney Road
  • Bradford Mountain Road
  • Dulatown Road
  • Virginia Street (in Miller Hill community)