Law Enforcement Risk Assessment

NCLM LE RR presentation 5-3-2022

At the City of Lenoir Council Meeting on May 3, 2022, Chief Brent Phelps was presented with a certificate from Matthew Selves, a N.C. League of Municipalities Public Safety Risk Management Consultant, recognizing the agency for their completion of the NCLM Law Enforcement Risk Management Review.

The purpose of  the review was to assess the Lenoir Police Department's adherence to best practices, court decisions, and policies and procedures related to high liability activities in law enforcement.  The goal of such a review (and subsequent renewal every 3 years) is to mitigate liability exposures, enhance officer safety, and validate that training and operating procedures are meeting industry standards. 

The law enforcement risk management review was designed and peer-reviewed by a panel of police chiefs representing a cross section of N.C. law enforcement agencies and is available to those agencies who participate in the League’s property and liability insurance pool.  Completing this program helps to save the city money on  insurance rates.