Does the city allow alcohol sales and how do I get my Alcoholic Beverage Control permit?

The City of Lenoir allows the retail sale of beer and wine for off-site consumption and allows mixed beverage permits in restaurants provided these establishments meet the requirements of North Carolina General Statutes 18B and comply with the permitting requirements of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission.

The ABC Commission is the lead agency in permitting the sale of alcoholic beverages in North Carolina. Applications for ABC permits require inspections and sign-offs from the Caldwell County Building Inspector, the Fire Marshall, and the Zoning Inspector.

Typically, the zoning review requires a site visit to be scheduled with the zoning inspector and the planning director before the application can be processed. Please call the Planner-On-Call at 828-610-8442 to set up an application meeting.

When You Need a Permit

Any business or event that sells or offers for sale alcoholic beverages will need the appropriate ABC permit from the ABC Commission.

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