How can I verify the address of my property or get assigned a new address?

The Planning Department assigns addresses within the City limits and the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction. When inquiring about the assigned address of a property or requesting new addresses, the North Carolina Personal Identification Number is the easiest way for the Planning Department to locate and verify the property. For newly subdivided lots, a copy of the recorded plat may be necessary.

The Planning Department can typically assign addresses for new or existing parcels on the day they are requested. Please note that it may take several days for public service agencies to update their files with new addresses.

Specific Rules for Displaying Addresses

  • Per City ordinance, all structures are required to display their assigned address
  • Numbers for single-family homes must be at least three inches in height
  • Numbers for multi-family homes must be at least five inches in height, unless each individual unit faces a public street as in the case of townhomes
  • Number for businesses must be at least five inches in height
  • All numbers must be easily visible from the adjoining street or displayed near the adjoining roadside
  • Numbers must be displayed prior the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy

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